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12 Of The Top Telegram Bots That Every User Should Know

12 Of The Top Telegram Bots That Every User Should Know

Telegram bots are one of the reasons why Telegram is superior to other similar messengers.

There are many bots required by users in this program, so as a member of Telegram, to use this program effectively, you should get acquainted with the Top Telegram bots 2022.

Telegram messaging is very secure, which can be installed on a variety of devices, and has a high speed in transmitting a variety of messages. In addition, it has features that have multiplied the productivity of this app, such as groups, channels, or the same Telegram bots.

In this article, we have fully explained the top 12 Telegram bots and how to use them. So do not leave Bqmember.

What Is Telegram Bot?

What Is Telegram Bot?🤷‍♀️

To summarize, Telegram bots are smart tools designed to meet the needs of Telegram users.

Managing a group or channel, finding your favorite music, downloading YouTube videos are just some of the bot’s tasks, and once you get to know them well enough, you will realize how smart they are.

What Are Top Telegram Bots In 2022? Top 12 Useful

All Telegram bots are provided to help users, but some of them are more important, the most important of which you will get acquainted with below.

  1. Gmail bot

How do you check your received Gmail? You will do this with the help of a browser, but stop doing that, we have a better way to check your Gmail messages without leaving the Telegram app.

What Are Top Telegram Bots In 2022? Top 12 Useful

You must search for @ gmailbot in the search bar of your Telegram app. Then do the following steps in order:

Step 1: Click on the phrase Start.

Step 2: Click on the phrase authorize me.

Step 3: In this step, you must log in, that is, enter your Gmail username and password.

Step 4: Click on the phrase next.

Step 5: You can now access your Gmail account via a bot, reply to incoming messages, or send a new message.

  1. Skeddy Telegram Bot

If you have a large Telegram group or channel, add this bot to your group or channel to remind you of important events.

What is skeddy telegram bot?

With the help of this bot, you can better manage your group or channel, and do not forget the time of any important event.

  1. Trello Telegram Bot

With the help of this bot, you can manage your tasks well.

This bot is completely free for all users. To get started you need to search for the name trello_bot, then click on the phrase Start to start the bot.

This bot intelligently reminds all tasks on time so that users can manage their Telegram projects well.

  1. IFTTT Telegram Bot

You can use the service of this box with any device that is connected to Telegram, Android, iPhone, or desktop. This bot helps your Telegram tasks to be performed automatically.

Whare can i find bots on Telegram?

IFTTT connects your Telegram account to other services outside of the Telegram app, for example, connecting your Telegram account to Google Drive will save your Telegram app photos to Google Drive.

  1. File to Bot

Files sent in Telegram can have a maximum capacity of 2 GB. The question that arises here is that to send files that have a capacity of more than 2 gigs?

You can get help from file to bot. This way you save this file in the cloud, then send the link to the user.

  1. Get Media Bot

Undoubtedly, music fans will love this bot, because Get Media Bot makes all their favorite music available to them.

It is very easy to work with this bot, just search for its name in Telegram, and click on Start.

  1. Banof Group Telegram Bot

Telegram group managers need this bot because it helps them manage the page.

This bot helps to create polls in your group, and throw out annoying users, without wasting your time.
how does 7.	Banof Group Telegram Bot work?

  1. Watchdog bot

This bot can act like a real admin in the group. That is, it removes inappropriate and redundant messages, and prevents error messages from being sent to users.

If the number of members of your Telegram group is high, be sure to add this bot to your group to help you manage the group regularly.

  1. File Converter

It must have happened to you that you want to change the file format in Telegram. You do not need to leave this app and want to do it with the help of another program. File Converter bot will do this for you.

Are Telegram bots safe?

  • BotFather

You must have guessed from its name that this bot is the reference of all other bots. You must use BotFather to build any other bot in Telegram.

What is botfather bot?

To use the services of this bot, you must search for the name @Botfather in Telegram.

  1. Web bot

This bot, like an antivirus, scans the files received in Telegram so that they do not contain malicious links.

If the high security of the data received in Telegram is important to you, use this bot.

  1. GameBot

Do you want to play group games on Telegram? Get help from Gamebot.

To start working with this bot, search for its name, select the chat and game you want.

What are top 2022 Telegram bots?

Then click on the start game option.

📝 Conclusion

As time goes on, the importance of Telegram in our lives becomes more and more. So it is better to use all the features that these programs have provided us.

Telegram bots are one of the The Telegram tips and tricks that have been provided to serve the users of this program. Some of them are extremely useful, the ones whose names are mentioned in this text.

If you want to get acquainted with the top 12 Telegram bots and how they work, this article is a useful guide for you.

Please share your comments with us or if you know another useful bot.



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