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How To Create Telegram Poll On Android Ios Or Pc? 2022 Tutorial

How create Telegram Poll on devices and Pc?

How can I Create Telegram poll? Why should I create a poll in Telegram? You have to know by creating polls you can increase both user interaction and get more channel members.Telegram is a program that establishes interaction between users by sending text, audio and video messages, and Telegram polling is one of the same features that increase this interaction many times over.

The Telegram poll is a bridge between the managers of Telegram groups and channels and members. You know that interaction in groups and channels is very important, so take this opportunity and give your group or channel members a chance to participate.

By creating Telegram polls are one of the ways to interact in this social network, which increases communication.
As a member of Telegram, you must have participated in these polls several times, but do you know how to conduct a Telegram poll yourself?

One way to increase your the number of Telegram or channel members and engage them is to take a poll, stay with Bqmember to find out how this is possible.

How To Create Telegram Poll?

For creating a poll you have to use a bot. As you know Telegram is the one of the top messengers for having different of bots that you can add bot to Telegram group to manage it better. All Telegram users can create a poll on Telegram without any restriction. In the following we will explain how to it.

HOW Create Telegram poll on iPhone?

Create Telegram poll on iPhone:

If your Telegram app is installed on your iPhone device, you need to follow the below instructions to conduct the survey.

  1. Enter the group or channel you want.
  2. There is a pin icon in the chat box, click on it.
  3. Select the poll option from the list.
  4. The poll creation box is displayed, in the Question field, you must enter the question, and in the other box the answer options. You can create new options by clicking on Add an options.
  5. Click Send option at the end.

Your Telegram poll is ready and you can share it in the group or channel you want.

Create Telegram poll on Android:

Users running Android phones should follow this guide:

how Create Telegram poll on Android?

  1. Enter the group or Telegram channel you want.
  2. Tap the pin mark in the chat box.
  3. Select the Poll option.
  4. A box will appear in which you must write a question in the Poll question section and the Answer options section.
  5. If you want to hide the name of the voters, you must select the Anonymous Voting option.

Create Telegram poll On Telegram Desktop:

If you are using Telegram by PC, to create a poll you must:

  1. Enter the desktop version of the Telegram program.
  2. Select the group or channel you want and log in.
  3. Tap the three dots at the top right of the screen.
  4. Select the Create poll option.
  5. A box is displayed that you must enter in the question field and the answer field.

Create Telegram Poll By VoteBot:

You need help from VoteBot to create a poll on Telegram.

how Create Telegram Poll By VoteBot?

Just enter the name @vote in the Telegram search field and then do the following steps in order:

  • Enter the chat page with this bot and tap the Start.
  • A message will be sent to you, which means that you have to hold the title of your poll.
  • Then enter the answer options and tap Done.
  • The poll you want is now ready and you can click on Publish Poll to send it to any of the groups and channels you like.

Why Create A Poll On Telegram?

There are several reasons for creating a poll on Telegram. One of the most important goals is to interact with your channel or group members.

In addition, you can consult them on various topics such as the topic of production content. Another reason is that you can conduct surveys with other competitors about the quality of your product posts.Of course, we suggest that you use the Telegram vote when participating in various polls and contests.

How To Stop Telegram Poll?

Do not worry, you can stop the poll whenever you want.

To stop a poll you must:

  • Tap on the desired poll.
  • Select the Stop Poll option.
  • Your poll is simply stopped and no longer applicable.

Important Points About Creating Poll On Telegram

Here you can get more information about the Telegram poll.

Important Points About Creating Poll On Telegram

  1. You can publish the poll you created in various groups.
  2. To stop it just click on the Stop Poll option to stop it.
  3. By stopping the poll, no one can participate, but the result is visible.
  4. You can apply different options to your poll (from two to ten options)
  5. By selecting the Retract Vote option, you can cancel the sent vote.


Telegram polls are one of the best tools to get a good idea of ​​your audience’s tastes. With the help of this feature, you can consult your members on various topics, for example, ask them for their opinion on the quality level of your production content.

Do you use the Telegram poll feature to interact with members? This article is the most comprehensive guide to know how to conduct a poll in Telegram. Have you ever used the Telegram poll bot?



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