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How To Use Spoilers On Telegram Feature? 2022 Update

How to sen messages with spoilers on Telegram?

In the twelfth update of Telegram, a new feature has been introduced, which is called Spoilers on Telegram. Do you know what is it?

Telegram is constantly being updated to allow users to experience new features like channel or group, or connect with their friends, or grow their business.

This program always surprises its users and in its latest update, it has provided a feature that users can hide all or part of their message so that only those who want to see should tap on it. Want to know how to send a message in spoilers mode? Join bqmember.

What Is Spoiler Feature Of Telegram?

What Is Spoilers Feature Of Telegram?

We have all seen that when a series becomes trend, some members of the group we are in always spoil parts of the series. As a result, other members inadvertently find out what is going to happen.

To prevent the story from losing its appeal to other members, Telegram has introduced a spoiler or the same blur text in Telegram that allows the annex to read the message as much as it wants.

It can be said that the telegram spoiler is a feature that prevents the text from being read directly, and anyone can decide whether to read it or not.

How Do You Put Spoilers On Messages?🤷‍♀️

Are you using Android or iOS? Are you using the desktop version of Telegram?

We have explained how to activate the spoiler feature on all devices. Find the right method for you and try it.

Enable Spoilers On Telegram For Android:

Users who have the Telegram application installed on their Android phones can use the following guide.

how Enable Spoiler Telegram On Android?

  1. Enter the Telegram messenger.
  2. Go to the chat page you want. (You can do this in the group, channel, and personal chat page)
  3. Type the message you want.
  4. Hold your finger on the parts of the message that you want to hide. The spoiler option is displayed, click on it.

Enable Spoilers On Telegram For ios:

Fans of ios devices should use this method to send secret messages in groups and channels or personal chats.

how Enable Spoiler Telegram On Android:?

       Step 1: Entered the Telegram program.

      Step 2: Select the desired group, channel, or chat page.

      Step 3: Type the message and select all or part of it that you want to hide.

       Step 4: Select the B / U option.

When you send the message, you will see that the sections that you have hidden are displayed in a checkerboard pattern.

Enable Spoilers On Telegram For desktop:

Many Telegram users are those who use the desktop version of this program. Fortunately, this update is also provided for the desktop version of this program. How?

How Enable Spoiler Telegram On desktop?

  1. Entered the desktop version of Telegram.
  2. Select the target chat page.
  3. Select the parts of the text that you want to hide and right-click on them.
  4. Click on the Formatting option and then select the spoiler option.

Can You Spoilers Telegram Images?

Telegram photos can also be sent in the form of photo spoilers. Just get help from the @NoSpoilersBot.

Can You Spoiler Images On Telegram?

  • Search for @NoSpoilersBot.
  • Click on the word start.
  • The phrase Enter spoiler is displayed, which means you can send the photo you want to hide.
  • Submit your desired photo by clicking on the gallery icon.

Why Should We Use Spoilers On Telegram?

The most important use of this feature is when you and your friends in the Telegram group want to talk about the subject of the series, but there are still people who have not seen the series and do not want to understand the subject.

As a result, you send your conversations in the form of spoiler messages, so that only those who want to read can tap on them.

It can be said that it is a kind of warning message, to let the users of the group or chat realize that this is a spoiler message.

📝 Conclusion

Telegram always has a surprise for its users, in its latest update, it has also provided a feature so that users can blur their messages whenever they want.

This is the best feature to prevent spoiling. This article gives you a brief overview of the spoiler Telegram. Have you ever sent a message by using the spoilers feature? Leave your comment.📧



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