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How To Pin Telegram Messages On Chats? πŸ”—2022 Guide

A useful guide on how to pin Telegram messages

Have you ever circulated among different websites and resources to understand how you can pin Telegram messages? Well pinning a message always seemed to be a good way of alerting people about an important event or massage.

As a group or channel manager, you can pin any important message to be noticed by all members.This function is used by many other social applications that are quite well-known in the app market and Telegram is no exception. Indeed, it can truly come in handy, especially if you own a group or channel where there is a huge amount of subscribers and you should notify all of them at once.

Here in Bqmember, you will get everything you need to know about how to pin Telegram messages or how to pin messages in telegram group android 2020.

Why Do Users Pin Telegram Messages?πŸ“Ž

Well, the need for such a function was greatly addressed for numerous reasons. The essential need was that a group or channel owner should be given an option that can assist him to notify many people about something all at once.

Imagine that as a channel owner, you want to remind everybody to be present for your next educational session. You will write this massage alongside other messages, that could be lost or skipped by members.

Why Do Users Pin Telegram Messages?

Well, thanks to the pinning option, this problem has vanished as it will highlight the importance of that specific message that has been put by you in the group or channel. You can also pin a message for individuals in private chats.We can say its from Telegram tips and tricks that users can pin messages in groups and channels.

How To Pin Telegram Messages In 2022?

Pinning a message in a Telegram chat is easy and it helps you to get more attention. For pinning a message you have to do the below rules:

  • Open Telegram and enter the chat you want to pin a message to. (Private, group, or channel)
  • Tap on the message you want to pin.
  • Once you do that, a list will pop up on that message.
  • On that list, choose Pin
  • Then you will be asked whether everyone is permitted to see the message or not
  • Finally, tap on Pin
  • After you do so, your pinned message will stick to the top of the chat room. If anyone selects that, you will be scrolled to that message automatically.
  • Also to unpin the message, what you are required to do is to choose the β€œX” item and tap on Unpin.How To Pin Telegram Messages In 2022?

The availability of a great option has made this feature even greater. You set permission to identify who except you, is allowed to pin Telegram messages, or let’s say you would like to set the pinning permission only for yourself. Follow the below instruction to know how can do that:

  • To set permissions, open the chatroom inside the Telegram.
  • Now, choose the pencil icon on the top right of the page. (Next to the three dots icon)
  • Once you tapped on it, head over to the Permissions option.
  • Tap on it and a list appears.
  • On the shown list, Toggle off the Pin Message option.

You may have also unpinned a message that was pinned before, but due to some reasons, you should re-pin it again. To re-pin a message again:

  • First, open the chat and tap on the three dots located in the top right corner.
  • Second, choose Search
  • In the search bar, write a keyword that exists within your previous pinned message
  • Try to find your message by up and down arrow beside the search bar
  • Once you find the chat, tap on it, and from the shown list, choose Pin.when pin Telegram messages?

Note: Remind that Pinning a message is a great way to control thousands of subscribers in a Telegram group.

Last WordπŸ“

If you have the privilege to pin Telegram messages that would be great and this privilege will not be given to you in case you become a group or channel admin. However, if you are a regular member, you will have the option of pinning a message only if the administrator permits you to do so.

What else do you know about pinning a message? Tell us all the tips and tricks regarding this subject by dropping a comment below. You will be surely welcomed.



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